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Fraser Valley Dog Fanciers 2023 shows - PLEASE READ!

Exhibitors are reminded to follow whatever provincial health guidelines that are in force at the time of the event.

Pre-assigned grooming is fully booked. Approximately 60% of the building was available to be reserved.  There IS first come, first served space available for those who did not reserve by the deadline
The usual number of ceiling drops will be available and MUST BE SHARED

RV Parking - there are the usual number of outlets available, however, you may need extension cords/adaptors.  Access to the outside washrooms will be locked from 10 pm to 6 am.   There will be NO overnight parking allowed on Sumday - all RVs must be off the grounds 1 hour after Best In Show.


There will be NO dogs allowed to enter through the north (freeway) or through the west doors doors of Hall 1.   No exceptions!
Dogs in crates only may enter through Hall 2 doors.  All dogs on foot must enter through the south doors of Hall 2 only.

By making a reservation, you acknowledge that you've read and understand the above and that you agree to follow the direction of club members and facility staff.

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