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  • Glacier View KC RV Reservation

    I agree that I:

    • will not request to change locations upon arrival;
    • that I will accept the spot I booked;
    • understand that all units MUST be backed in (fire regulations);
    • front rows (1 - 11) must arrive before judging starts each day, and may not leave until after judging is completed;
    • understand that air conditioners can only be used with generator power;
    • understand that verbal abuse of volunteers & club members will result in expulsion from the grounds with no refund of entries;
    • understand that quiet time is 10:00 pm to 6:30am

      Day Tenting space is provided at no charge, but, there is NO access to electrical.  If you wish to be able to use power at your site, and park beside your tent, you must purchase an RV spot.

      I understand that power may not be available until early evening.









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