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Message from Kelowna Kennel Club

Due to the fact that our shows are located in a city park this year, there are rules that are imposed by the City of Kelowna that the club has to enforce in order to be able to use this site again next year.
The most noteworthy restrictions are:
  • Driving in and out will be restricted to prior to the beginnging of judging and after Best In Show each day. Please ensure that you are onsite before 8 am or you will not be allowed to enter the overnight parking area until after BIS.
  • In the event of rain - absolutely NO driving in and out from the overnight parking area for any reason.
  • All generators must sit in a spill containment tray (ie. - hot water heater trays at Home Depot, cost approx. $12). If assistance is needed loading generators in or out of trays and vehicles, members of KKC will gladly help.
  • Blocks/boards must be used under all jacks and levelers, to avoid damage to grounds.
  • ONE vehicle per space (tow vehicle + trailer counts as one).
  • EZ Ups / canopies / tents must not be staked - sandbags or weights only (this applies only to tents on grassed areas (not camping/overnight parking).
  • Nothing maybe tied to, or attached to any trees, park structures, or fencing.

Additionally - all overnight campers will be charged a $25 CASH damage deposit upon arrival, which will be refunded after site inspection before departure.  There is no free day tent space this year, however, you will recieve a free preferential parking spot.

Please ensure that you fully read the pdf of the rules Here.

***Please keep your PayPal reciept as proof of payment. You will not receive any other acknowledgement of your reservation.***

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