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PLEASE NOTE: I am in the process of moving, and the computers will be disconnected as of June 24th @ 11 am, and will not be reconnected until the 27th. I realize this is an incovenience, but it's unavoidable. Payment reuests will be sent after I'm back online.

Entering the grounds is off of 248th - there is a horse show that weekend - be prepared!

  • Reservations for RV's - 30 amp has power and water, 50 amp has power, water and sewer.
  • Stalls have access to power, which must be shared. You can put up EZ ups, but you can not park in front of.
  • Day Tents in the arena - 10x10, must be weighted, not staked. No access to power, and NO generators.
  • Handler row - 10 or more dogs, no power but you may leave vehicles during the day, and run generators

    By clicking the reservation button, you agree that you have read the rules in the various specialty and all breed premium lists AND agreed to follow them. You will recieve an email (not instantly, it depends on my work and show schedule) with payment instructions.

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