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    RV Parking
    Wednesday arrivals MUST arrive prior to 9 pm, no exceptions.
    If you are returned to this page after attempting to purchase, that means your choice is sold out. Please try another option - either rear lot or dry (no power)
  • Only 30 reservations with power are available.  Power outlets in the rear are 50 amp outlets, you will require an adaptor and will not be able to change location upon arrival if you do not have one.  If you are unable to use your outlet due to not having the correct adaptor/plug, there are no refunds available.
  • Front outlets are 30 amp, and may NOT BE close to your spot - PLEASE bring adaptors and extension cords. Cost is $35/night with power; $25/night without power.
  • RV's without reservations are $40/night with power (if any available), $30 without, payable in cash PRIOR TO PARKING.

    RV parking- with power - front (highway) lot
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    RV parking- with power - rear lot
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    RV parking- without electricity
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