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  • VDKC Day Tent Reservations

    By making a day tent reservation:

  • I agree to treat club members, RV staff respect and to leave my area and the RV park grounds clean, free from damage, hair and garbage.
  • I acknowledge that failing to leave my site clean could result in refusal of entries for future shows.
  • I agree that I have read the rules in the premium list and will abide by them.
  • I understand that there will be a $50 CASH deposit collected on arrival - to be refunded after site inspection, prior to departure.
  • I acknowledge that all funds are paid directly to the club, and neither that K9 Coordinator nor any of it's agents/employees have access to any of the funds paid, and that K9 Coordinator and it's agents are not liable for any loss or damage (financial or physical) incurred as a result of using this service to reserve space at an event.
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