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The idea for K9 Coordinator was born after yet another show where reservation forms & payment cheques arrived late, or not at all. "There has to be a better way" and "I don't know if I have a spot" were commonly heard complaints. There was a need for a streamlined, yet easy, payment system, one that wouldn't add anything more to the already expensive sport of showing dogs.


Why use K9 Coordinator?   Your club members are busy with their personal and professional lives; members are "not good with computers"; your club doesn't have a website, or, you just want to simplify the reservation process.   You are tired of last minute phone calls asking for a time slot at the eye clinic.   No more waiting for the cheque to arrive - all fees are paid via PayPal, and are deposited directly into the club's account.   All credit cards are accepted, and are authorized immediately, with no need to worry about fees from declined checks or cards.   All reservations are time stamped upon receipt.


Each and every reservation form is customized to provide the information your club needs.  There is no "one size fits all".  Deadlines are determined by the club - close reservations as early, or as late, as desired.  Reports are provided upon request, or at predetermined times - whatever suits the club's needs.  Only a limited number of spaces and worried about over-selling?  The payment system can be customized to only sell what is available - if you have 40 spaces, then only 40 will be sold.  Want your exhibitors to be able to select their own location/time slot?   Maps that show what is available can also be posted (and updated daily).  Payment buttons can also be customized to sell spaces by number.

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